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    Posts From December, 2012

    Kickstarter Successfully Funded! 

    So kickstarter is now successfully funded. After a wild ride and a lot of doubt we have learned one thing above all else... WE HAVE THE BEST FANS ON KICKSTARTER.

    So now we will get down to the details of the story. We will work with the artists on the pencils and colors, work with vendors on the incentives, work with printing companies on, well... prints. In the end all of this was made possible by our fans and backers. AOM Underground has made this project possible!

    I can tell you that all of the creators of the project offer their HUGE THANKS to both, the supporting cast of family and friends we have around us, and the amazing backers who made this possible.


    Wednesday, December 12, 2012 2:06:00 AM Categories: News Updates