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  • From simple beginnings... - Angel of Mercy

    From simple beginnings...

    This has been our project since it started as a movie script in one of Scott's college classes. For four years we met up whenever possible to see this to completion. In those four years we developed a pre-story to add depth to each character.Then we wrote the premise of each scene on a notecard and worked through the process of organizing them until we were satisfied with the story flow.

    Once we got the flow we actually started writing. During the writing phase, we wrote the entire script from start to finish - 1st Draft. We have been through 3 drafts of the script so far. Since then we have learned there is no such thing as a final draft, and we continue to diligently pour through the script making improvements. Feel free to check out the informational vidoe below. We initially posted this on our first kickstarter campaign. After that we decided to make the video we are using now.




    During the writing process for the Angel of Mercy story, the first thing we did was create a back story. While we obviously didn't put together every detail and actually write a novel on the back story, we did write several pages on it. This was the best thing we could have done for building character depth and breathing our story to life. After we did that, much of the story elements defined themselves. We like to say that the story wrote itself, but that's obviously not entirely accurate.

    We will actually be putting the back story in this section soon!