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  • Character BIO's - Angel of Mercy

    Character BIO's

    Troy Gillus (Ex-Mercenary)


    What can be said of a soldier without a war, or of a father without a child?

    Holding tightly to his notion that we walk through life with more scars than memories, Troy is a lost soul steadfast in the idea that he deserves to live with the pain of a past he believes himself the cause of. Once a father, once a husband, but now a hollowed husk of a man choosing to reject the world; too ashamed to actively search for death, he longs for the day that death finds him. No beliefs, few attachments and fewer ambitions; all that Troy was died in the A.I. strikes years earlier. He carries the guilt of his wife killed in his absence and the death of two sons. One son was Troy’s flesh and blood, only three years old when he was taken from the world, and the other an unintended and unjustifiable murder committed in cold blood at Troy’s own hands.

    With all that he had to live for gone, and his only skill found in his military training, he spends his days testing weapons for The Terris Corporation. So long as he is never beaten, and the machine is always the one in pieces at the end of the test, the company has no choice but to view every project as unready, this being Troy’s intention from the beginning. The Terris Corporation has not completed a single weapons project in the five years since Troy Gillus was asked to join the testing division. Troy is the best at what he does but even that may not be enough for what lies ahead.


    Samantha Gillus(Troy's Wife) & Austin Gillus (Their Son)

      There are few greater pains than a father who is gone to war. Perhaps the only contender is a father returning from war to find his family gone for good.

    Samantha doesn't remember a time when Troy could say her name and she didn't want to melt into a puddle, there is nothing she wouldn't do for him. Samantha was a highly motivated woman who tenderly cared for Austin while simultaneously carrying a job of her own and followed her own artistic ambitions in her "spare time." Still she never really broke down, a strength which runs in her family. Even Austin, at 4, has a strong sense of duty. He was the man of the house while Troy was gone and made sure to check the door locks every night before bed. He was going to grow up to be just like his father... someday.



    Dr. T.G. Rowin

      The path leading to a man’s own personal hell is paved with good intentions.

    In a perfect world, Doctor Rowin would be a hero admired by a world thankful for his inventions. A man devoted to God, believing he has been given the gift of intelligence in order to serve man, but with every attempt to enhance the world’s quality of life, disaster is the result. The doctor spent most of his youth attempting to control the stinging chaos of war, all the while understanding he cannot stop it, mankind will not allow this. His inventions at first seemed the solution to centuries of suffering and death. He had created the technology to let the nations of the world fight their wars, but without flesh within the fire, wars fought by machines. In his attempt to further limit global collateral damage, an update was created. A single, all too simple processing error during the update recalled every mobile tech unit to its home country, but with active weapons and new targets, thousands died as a result. The reality of the doctor’s legacy is dark in the eyes of the people, but as time has taught us, history rarely remembers men as they truly were. Through the years, the doctor’s faith has been tested and in his final days, he will set in motion a chain of events that will mean the end for some and new beginnings for others.



    Adam Rowin(Dr. Rowin's Son)

      There is nothing so overlooked, yet so great, as the values and sacrifices of a family man. A heroic action which many of us partake on a daily basis.

    He stood with strength, honor and integrity. Adam knew no compromise when it came to standing for his beliefs, and he believed in his father. Adam was every bit as intelligent as his father, with more conviction. Dr. Rowin instilled every value of family, love and passion in him, but Adam had yet to feel the withering years of age alter his perceptions and grey the shady lines between right and wrong. Adam fought vehemently against the brazen crowds which revolted after the consequences of his fathers great inventions. He vowed to never stop defending his fathers actions and truly believed that, together, they could make amends for the lives lost by saving yet more.

    In the end Adam left this world as he envisioned in his dreams, protecting his family. Unfortunately, he could not foresee the spiraling, abysmal descent his father would slide into. It would seem that Adam inherited his fathers curse.



    The Avatar (A.I. Angel)


    Blind faith can bring about great deeds or be a tool for self-deception.

    The Mediator-6 project was an early endeavor of Doctor Rowin and the Terris Corporation, but was scrapped when it became obvious that it was designed, not as a weapon, but as a peacemaker able to withstand the harsh environment of the battlefield. The design mimicked the human body in its most ideal form. While in seclusion, the design was given new life by Rowin but with a different purpose. Humanoid in many ways, the doctor chose to give the android the appearance of an angel to be a symbol of hope in a very dark time. Later events, near the completion of the project, created a new need in the doctor’s mind. The look of the angel was inspired by the doctor's love of classic art, but the facial features were a recreation of Rowin’s deceased son, Adam.

    In many ways, despite the strength of the android, it is a showing of the doctor’s weaknesses manifested and a testament to his longing to have his son back. Memories are not something that can be implanted, but the doctor did give the android every piece of information he could about Adam. The android is capable of learning and evolving. It has been given a very good knowledge base by Rowin comprised primarily of religion, philosophy, poetry, art, and literature. The android is self-aware, views the doctor as a father, but is not Adam by its own admission; this is a truth that Rowin has also accepted. The learning process is difficult following the doctor’s suicide, as the only structure for the programming comes from directives derived from various texts, such as The Bible, The Art of war, classic philosophy, the writings of Leonardo Da Vinci, mathematics, and astronomy. The android has been given a purpose it struggles to understand, wanting to fulfill a father’s wishes and longing to understand compassion as the texts within its programming speak of it, rather than how it has been presented by Doctor Rowin in the doctor’s final days. The brutal murders carried out by the android are simply a learning experience to it and with each killing it gains a better understanding of why we fear death so much. A child in many ways, the android is constantly expanding its understanding of the world, a world that will come to know it as a harbinger of death.


    Emily (Troy's Sister In-Law)


    There are those that hold up the world’s decay and despair for others to see, and even with their hands covered with the sweat and grime of burdens not their own, they endure gratefully.

    Looking at Emily’s torn clothing and mud covered boots, it is difficult to believe that she once lived a life of privilege. The daughter of Datasync Enterprises CEO Abraham LeDaire, Emily was a unquestionably a computer prodigy in her youth.Openly encouraging, Emily's father used contacts at his company to allow Emily access to top computer programmers and inventors from around the world. With the passing of her father when Emily was only twelve, she became detached from friends and family, focusing solely on her education. Though rebellious by nature, she was very successful academically, earning top grades in school and being accepted into MIT at the age of sixteen. While at MIT, she grew disillusioned about what university life might have to offer, eventually dropping out.The A.I. strikes were a painful time for Emily, as her entire family was taken in the blink of an eye. Emily’s inheritance was substantial, but seeing the destruction and turmoil that followed the A.I. strikes and the resulting depression, she used every resource she had, ultimately exhausting her fortune. After years of selfless work to help those she could, her home taken by the banks, her pockets empty, she finds herself one of the people she fought so hard to save, living on the streets, hoping she might find a way to do more.  


    George Crutter

      There has never been a lesser being; a colder, more vile creature than a man who does not love. A man who regards no life but his own.

    George is the kind of guy you see walking down the street and you wish you were. He's the kind of guy to look you in the eye when you shake hands, and when you're done talking with him you'll feel like you've made a friend. Later you'll realize you sold your soul for a pair of shoes and a losing lottery ticket he paid a dollar for ten minutes prior. His infectious smile alone can pick your pockets clean and you'll appreciate his kindness for taking it.

    George grew up a rich spoiled brat with no respect for possessions and no regard for life. He neither hates nor loves any man or woman. Rather they are more like a box of hammers at the hardware store, use them until they break then go get some more. George spends his time kissing the ass of the board members who run Terris Corporation. His sole aspiration is to gain more wealth, more power and a seat on the board. Don't mistake him for an idiot, he's slyly intelligent and sadistically conniving. The only thing George will ever love more than money is power. But hey, money is power.... right ?